All About Me!

So I’m assuming you were hoping to find something interesting about me on this page, huh? Well I can tell you that I could only wish to be that important, although its not from a lack of trying. I’m a Florida boy, born and raised, and spent most of my childhood at the beach. Now Florida is a place all in its own, sort of a vortex where time stops but people keep aging. I think it might be the sun speeding up the process, but I digress. I grew up in a loud, obnoxious, pasta loving Italian home where the only thing more important than the pasta was who made it! I didn’t have the conventional home most kids had, in fact my life was the farthest from ordinary as you could imagine. Most kids brought turkey and cheese sandwiches to school while I, on the other hand, found a Tupperware filled with baked ziti, meatballs, and Italian bread in my Power Rangers lunch box! Just imagine my teachers shock when i asked her where I could warm up my four course lunch! But we will get to all that much sooner than you think! My point is, I was born into a circus full of colorful characters! I graduated from UNCA with a Bachelors in Economics but I’ve always had a love for writing which is why I’m here slowly making a career change. I currently reside in Washington D.C. with my wife and our brute of dogs and cats! I’m an open book, pun intended, so feel free to ask me anything!

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